We are proud of the wide range of voices, communities, and experiences that exist across our region. Our Culture and Heritage Destination Development pillar is dedicated to making those stories shine in a way that is engaging for visitors and respectful to local communities. 

We are working to expand our involvement in culture and heritage tourism. We look forward to deepening our collaboration and supporting the great work happening in this space!

Our heritage runs deep in Eastern Oregon. This region was home to indigenous peoples for a millennia before being discovered by pioneers heading west on the Oregon Trails, and those hoping to strike it rich during the Gold Rush. You'll find that history on display in small town museums, interpretive centers, and heritage sites throughout the region. You'll also find it in the people you encounter along the way and the stories they share.

The physical landscape here is rugged and untamed with plenty of opportunity for outdoor adventure, from hiking to alpine lakes in the Eagle Cap Wilderness, fishing the John Day River, exploring the desert landscape of the Owyhee Canyon Lands, white water rafting through Hells Canyon, watching wild mustangs in the Steens Mountains, boating along nearly 90 miles of the Columbia River, or exploring the region's rich geological history in the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.  

You don't have to adventure far off the beaten path to enjoy amazing vistas and spectacular landscapes. While every road in Eastern Oregon is scenic, the region is home to 9 Oregon Scenic Byways and 4 Oregon Scenic Bikeways. So, bring your camera, maybe a pair of binoculars too, and just take your time and enjoy the view as you travel through some of the most iconic scenery and landscapes in Oregon. 

Amidst this visually stunning backdrop you'll also discover a cultural landscape of the working American West that is unique.  Eastern Oregon is unmistakably cattle country, and working ranches still dominate the landscape. But, this country is also home to world class artists, musicians, and artisan makers. As you visit Eastern Oregon, there's a good chance that in addition to meeting a cowboy or two, you might also get to enjoy a local beer with the brewer who made it, sip wine with a local winemaker, or take home a souvenir forged while you watch by a local blacksmith.