We invite you to participate in a low-cost program designed to help you broaden your customer base! This program will equip you with tools to better welcome customers with disabilities, in addition to those who use strollers and walkers (such as families with young children and seniors).



This program is best suited for local brick-and-mortar businesses and attractions like museums, art centers, gift shops, visitor centers, and other locations that are frequented by tourists.



  1. An improved customer experience for a wide range of customers, including those with disabilities, strollers, and mobility aids
  2. Resources to tap into a loyal customer base (that you may not already reach)
  3. Marketing tools and promotion: online BluePath listing, shout-out on the BluePath social media, and other social media posts from program organizers
  4. Expert recommendations for improvements (these make great supporting documentation for grant applications!)



For those in Umatilla and Morrow counties who couldn't attend a workshop: we'd still love to have you participate! This form will walk you through an alternative: LINK. Forms must be completed by 5/24.


Workshops will be offered in the following locations:

  • Boardman: May 7 @ 10am-2pm, Morrow County Riverfront Center. Register here: LINK
  • Pendleton: May 8 @ 2pm-6pm, Vert Auditorium (Club Room). Register here: LINK
  • Enterprise: April 9 @ 10am-2pm, Fishtrap. Register here: LINK
  • VIRTUAL: April 15 @ 5:30-7:30pm
  • Baker City & La Grande workshops have been canceled due to unforeseen, last-minute circumstances. More information coming soon.

Topics covered in the workshops include:

  1. General best practices for interacting with people with disabilities
  2. A Q&A panel of people with disabilities
  3. An overview of easy, quick-fixes
  4. An action-planning exercise
  5. A Q&A panel of local organizations


The program has 5 key components*, all covered by the $15 program fee**:

  1. In-person workshop: A crash-course on disability, accessibility, and common barriers. This will be followed by support to address easy-to-fix barriers in your space. Note that we are now offering an abridged, virtual workshop. We encourage you to register for an in-person workshop where possible.
  2. ***Site Visit: A subject-matter expert will individually visit each participant to understand how someone with a disability might experience your space. This may include an interactive learning experience for your team (if schedules allow). The expert will share highlights of things you are doing well and recommendations for improvements, both specific to your space. (These recommendations make great supporting materials for grant applications!)
  3. One-on-One Support: You will have access to one-on-one virtual support to develop an action plan based on the expert recommendations. These will be scheduled according to your availability.
  4. BluePath Listing: Information from site visits will be captured in a listing on Blue-Path.org. Providing detailed information about your space helps visitors with disabilities determine what is accessible for them before they arrive. When you ‘claim’ your listing, you will be able to update this information as your space changes.
  5. Cohort Experience: This program is a cohort-style learning experience, so you will have other people in your local network learning about the same concepts. Throughout the program, we will facilitate a space for you to celebrate successes, share ideas, and tackle questions.

*We are asking all participants to engage in the entire program. You must participate in a workshop to be eligible for the site visit and expert recommendations. 

**The program fee has been waived for the Boardman and Pendleton workshops.

***Please note that the site visit is contingent upon the contractor’s ability to enter your space. We will work with participants to the best of our ability so that as many participants receive site visits as possible. 


Program Timeline: The program is estimated to span 6 months. Note that exact dates are based on your location and expert availability.


For participants in Morrow & Umatilla counties:

  • April 15, May 7 & 8: In person workshops
  • June 2024: Site visits
  • Aug 2024: Expert recommendations and highlights shared
  • Aug- Oct 2024: One-on-one support available
  • Sept 2024: BluePath listings go live

For participants in Baker, Union, & Wallowa counties:

  • April 8-15: In person workshops
  • Sept- Oct 2024: Site visits
  • Oct 2024: Expert recommendations and highlights shared
  • Oct- Nov 2024: One-on-one support available
  • Nov 2024: BluePath listings go live



  • Virtual Q&A recording: Link
  • Virtual Q&A presentation: Link
  • Feb 6 @ 1pm PST
  • Feb 23 @ 10am PST
  • Feb 29 @ 7pm PST canceled (no registrants)
  • March 15 @ 2pm PST
  • March 28 @ 10am PST
  • April 25 @ 7pm PST canceled (no registrants)

You can also reach out to Catie at [email protected] or via text/phone at 541-805-2443.


This program is a collaboration between:

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This project has been funded in part by a grant from Travel Oregon. Travel_Oregon_Logo